What's Included?

14 one hour, on demand modules ($200 value)

A full-color 80 page workbook ($20 value)

More than a dozen handy PDFs ($20 value)

Partner specific guidance ($100 value)

Organized tips for after baby arrives ($50 value)

Ability to learn from an expert with 18 years and 300+ births worth of knowledge (priceless)

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at Your Pace

Birth Toolbox is an on-demand course that quiets the chaos and helps you calmly and confidently prepare for childbirth. It is the unbiased, on-demand childbirth education you deserve.

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Have important childbirth and newborn information at your finger tips with this concise and easy to read class companion book. Pack in your bag for labor too.

Birth Toolbox Topic List

  • Class 1: The Cervix and Relaxation
  • Class 2: The Baby's Role and Breathing
  • Class 3: Contractions and Movement
  • Class 4: Early Labor and Denial
  • Class 5: Monitoring and Visualization
  • Class 6: Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices and Partner Support
  • Class 7: Epidural and Visualization
  • Class 8: Induction Part 1 and Peaceful Birth Environment
  • Class 9: Induction Part 2 and Hydrotherapy
  • Class 10: Pushing and Counterpressure
  • Class 11: Cesearean Birth and Dispelling Fears
  • Class 12: Welcoming Baby and Massage
  • Class 13: Postpartum and Strategy Stacking
  • Class 14: QUIZ

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